About Her Time Wellness

Who is Her Time Wellness for…
Her Time Wellness is an online community of sisterhood for aspiring and ambitious women of all ages who are ready to own their lives and make it into what they want it to be, no matter what.  A community that tackles challenges, increase motivation and stamina, believe in accountability, reduce the fear of failure, support, and fun. At Her Time Wellness, everyone coaches everyone through their own experiences.  Prioritizing yourself will help you reach the goals that allow you to be successful, healthy, balance, and joyful.  

Our Mission
To help women globally to be accountable to their dreams to make it happen.

Why you should join us…

Are you looking for your passion or your dream? Does the dream that you have seem far away and difficult to attain? Are you striving for a balance between your work, your life, and your health? Do you want something bigger and better out of this life?

You’re in the right place! Her Time Wellness is an online community of women that have big dreams, passionate curiosity, and a desire to encourage one another, but this time your coaches are other women sharing their journey. We are here to help you not only celebrate your success, but the steps that take your dreams and make them a reality. We inspire and support each other through the struggles and applaud the successes, all in a positive and caring environment.  While faith place a role in this community, it is not a religious forum.  

Imagine that you have reached your dream: started your own business, bought a house, ran a marathon. How would you feel? Don’t let fear or indecision keep you from reaching those goals. It might seem as though others have more success, more confidence, and are happier. But in reality, they struggle with the same things that you do. The difference is that they overcome them. And so will you!

Annette Ross-Webb, RN

Founder and CEO 

What you get as a member of Her Time Wellness 


Every month, Her Time Wellness puts together content Bundles for our members that are inspiring, insightful 30-day challenges and printable workbooks that powerfully help with business and passion,  and self-improvement.


There are workbooks and guides on empowering your mindset  during our monthly community discussions.


Do you need that extra push to get things done? We have two ways to help keep you accountable. Group Accountability is where you can share and journal progress of your daily goals within a supportive community to keep you motivated and accountable. An Accountability Partnership helps you keep each other committed and take your success to another level.

She Lead's Club

In our community, you can be transformed from struggling and feeling alone, to having guidance, inspiration, connection, encouragement, and understanding from other big dreamers.

Her Time Wellness does not believe in society’s pressuring women to be “Superwomen.” Annette believes in the analogy of putting the oxygen mask on you first, before helping others, by taking care of yourself through self-care, positive thinking, and relationships. We are in this together!


Are you all work and no play? Her Time Wellness believes in incorporating fun and laughter in our community by having sub-forums where the community can discuss their favorite television programs, travel, entertainment, or just chat.

Do you want to create a Face-to-Face Meet-Up?  You can, by sending an invitation to a  member(s) to meet for coffee, manicure, workout buddy, networking, mentoring, announce an event, or other fun gatherings.   What a way to create life long sisterhood.


Why not create a Her Time Wellness Group?  Groups connect people around a common interest, discuss issues, share objectives, post and share related content.  Any member can create a private or public group.

Our membership is made up of women who are in one of the below situations:
Considering a career change…
You’ve got a job, but it’s not the one you’ve always dreamed about or looking for a career. We can’t help you pick a career, but we can help you with the support and encouragement that you need as you brainstorm ideas and get ready to make a change.
Thinking about starting a business…
It can be a big change, taking that first step out into the unknown and starting your own business. A lot of our members know exactly how that feels and can share their knowledge and ideas with you. They can help you create an actionable plan, bolster your confidence, and cheer you on in your endeavors.
Early stage of an entrepreneur…
As an entrepreneur and solo business owner, it can be difficult and lonely. Our community can provide the inspiration and friendship that you need to overcome obstacles, push forward, and make your business a success.
A woman veteran considering a career change…
Having serving your country with pride.  Veterans unemployment is still a problem. Looking for a career in the civilian labor force can be challenging, a struggle, and scary.  The military groom you to be a leader.  Be with our women veterans that understand and can give you support and ideas to start your own business or career.
A Stay-at-home mom with her own dreams…
Taking care of your family can take up so much of your time that you forget to take care of yourself. Balancing your life and your dreams is important. Her Time Wellness provides a supportive environment that can help you balance what you love and discover the best way to make your dreams come true.
Looking for self-improvement…
You have been focused on your career or your family for so long that you’ve forgotten how to balance the other aspects of your life. We encourage you to find a way to integrate all of the things that you care about into your life. Your happiness and success are important, and the only way to achieve them is to take care of yourself as a whole. You are a priority!
Women who are living purposeful lives…
Each woman is special and created for a purpose that is unique to them. We are all experiencing new things every day, from struggles to victories. With the support, encouragement, compassion, and connection to a caring community, we can achieve our dreams and reach our full potential. Together.
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