Hello, Ladies!  I’m Annette.
I’m a Minnesota gal, who was born in Mississippi. I am a wife to a very supportive and awesome husband, a mother, entrepreneur, certified Life Coach, and part-time Registered Nurse. I love to exercise with my husband, spending time with family, and meeting women who are living their dreams or still curious. I am known for having a big heart for others, my infectious enthusiasm, and laughter.

I knew God created more for me in this life. Making changes and overcoming obstacles is no easy tasks. Her Time Wellness was created to help women reach their dreams while balancing their lives. We provide a community that will encourage and inspire you to reach success, as well as integrate and prioritize the most important aspects of your life and work. You can gain the confidence and strength that you need to achieve your goals.

If you spend too much time dwelling on why you won’t succeed, you’ll never get the chance to turn your dreams into a reality. Dreaming is important, but success can only happen when you step outside of your comfort zone and reach for the stars. Instead of envying what others’ have accomplished.  HTW members are there to help you over the obstacles that stand in your way, motivate you when anxiety or fear are slowing you down, and provide you with the community you need to succeed.
Do you want to travel this road alone, or would you like to take this trip with like-minded women who know the terrain?
Leave your worries behind and get ready to live the life you’ve been dreaming of!

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