Patsie Harris-DeGraff 4 Success Reality Licensed Realtor in TN and MS

What was your “Ah ha” moment that led to turning curiosity to passion?  My discovery of real estate.

How did you discover curiosity?  It was 18 years ago when International Paper announced that my customer service department was transferring to Poland. I was 46 and facing looking for a new job, and possibly a change in career.  I was worried about what to do, then “Ah ha” I had always been curious about real estate.  This was my opportunity to look at a career change so I went to real estate school and developed a love/passion for my new career.

How do you keep passionately curious?  Each time I get a young client or an older client that excites me, encourage me, and feeds my passion for the business.

What stays on your mind all day?  How can I make my clients real estate experience a positive one.

A few tips specific to your industry or passion?  Be passionate for your trade, love to work with people, and know real estate is not always glamorous, it’s hard work.

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?  Dealing with various personalities. I am good listener that reflects back to what was said, then give professional advice about the process.  Taking a moment to understand my client’s point of view helps to better the business relationship and communication.  I want all my clients to have an excellent experience in the process of purchasing a home.

If I had a chance to start over again, I would have:  Gone into real estate sooner

How do you integrate passionate curiosity into life and self- care?  Sometimes I am able to schedule my appointments around the other commitments in my life such as vacationing and exercising.

What are 2 things you are really good at regarding your self-care?  Taking time for me and get the proper rest.

If a microphone was given to you in a crowd of inspiring or struggling people who are looking for their curiosity, I would shout out?  Let your interest lead you into your destiny.  Remember, not to put a time limit on curiosity, all good things happen in due time.


2005 IP announced they were sending the customer service department to Poland and I was faced with the possibility of changing jobs and/or even careers. I had always wanted to do real estate and saw this as the opportunity to pursue a new career. I went to real estate school and got my licenses.  Then I landed new job within IP, I joined to the Deliver Organization as a Carrier Operations Manager.  I had worked hard to obtain my real estate license and did not want to just quit, so I made the decision to work both jobs.  2010 I became Sourcing Leader in the Supply Chain Ops group with IP.  2014 I retired from IP after 28 years, this gave me the opportunity to pursue my passion for real estate full time.   My husband Mario and I are the proud parents of 4 sons, and 5 granddaughters and 1 grandson.

Patsie Harris-DeGraff

4 Success Realty

Licensed Realtor in TN & MS

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