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What was your “Ah ha” moment that led to turning curiosity to passion? All my life I have wanted to be great. I have gone down many of paths from being a freelance makeup artist to becoming an indoor cycle instructor. Each thing had a common denominator, wanting to help people be their best version of their self. In the last few years after losing 100lbs naturally and obtaining my indoor cycle certification, I had this notion that the world needs to hear about a fitness journey that from a plus size perspective. I began the process of being a plus size fitness blogger and after a year revamped into a plus size fitness/beauty blogger. I believed that there were enough cutesy bloggers, but as a woman who is in her 30’s—don’t tell nobody–that wanted to look her best and still have content that had substance was important. At this time, I also began to build even more courage to venture out on my own and start a consulting business that would allow me to use my 7+years of corporate training experience. With blogging, I had to learn how to work on websites and social media marketing. These things bring me so much joy because I have entrepreneurial heartbeat. Helping smaller biz operate fluidly excites me.


How did you discover curiosity?

I am an introvert, so I’m naturally curious about a lot of different things. The environment in which I grew up, I often was left to fend for myself. Always having to figure things out beyond my age bracket, I think my curiosity flourished more than most. I always want to know more about things and I prefer to go past the surface layer that most people live in.


How do you keep passionately curious?

I’m a type A INTJ personality type, who fiercely wants to be the best at all I do. I don’t always get the results I want but I enjoy taking the “L”, learning opportunities to grow. I’m always reading articles about new trends but also executing those suggestions. I like to know more about whatever I do as it allows me to become an expert and also be able to not only flourish my own brand, but help others do the same.



What stays on your mind all day?

How can I leave my mark is often what keeps me up at night. I didn’t go through so many hurdles in my life to live quietly and be mediocre. I’m always thinking what could be the next big step in order to go from being nameless to being a household name.



A few tips specific to your industry or passion?

I have 2 things that really help me. One make sure you are doing the inner work to grow. Many times, we want to be great yet haven’t done the deep digging. Our own personal baggage can hinder us from growing. The second thing would be make sure you your passion is because you love it vs what’s the next big thing. A lot of times we go after things because we want to be envied. We see things on social media or even in our personal lives that we are like yes, I want the BMW, mansion and expensive trips. Yet if you’re not really intrigued by how things work in your field then you will dissolve.

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

My biggest challenge was my fear and past life. I grew up very poor and from a very painful life. I had many battle scars physically but even worst mentally and emotionally. It at one point was the fuel that I used to obtain a double bachelor’s degree and also lead me into the hospital. After a few years of growing, I was able to find a solid therapist to help me process what I felt, move past and also acknowledge how bad ass I truly was. To overcome the adversity, I lived wasn’t an ordinary feat. So, I now am able to dig deeper, be transparent and honor others by living my life in color.

If I had a chance to start over again, I would have: not gone to college or would have went straight for a business degree.

How do you integrate passionate curiosity into life and self- care?

As a plus fitness/beauty blogger, I’m always looking at ways to truly live the life I type. I am always interested in cutting edge beauty products especially skin care products as many African-American women aren’t keen on luxe skincare. I also make sure I devote to fitness as the silent killer of many women of color is lack of health.  I work out hard as it has motived many to step out of their own way to blossom.

When I think of self-care, I have to allow myself freedom to not think of my passions as it would mean never stopping. I recently dealt with a big bout of burnout and have given myself a time frame to do nothing but relax outside of work. It has allowed me to mentally re-energize and rekindle my drive to create awesome content for my blog and purse my consulting business.

What are 2 things you are really good at regarding your self-care?

I’m good at cutting all devices off and just breathing. I hate going to dinner and everyone is on their phones. I often times will leave it in the car or purse in order to just be in the moment.

My 2nd thing would be truly taking inventory of what I’m doing in my life. At times, we pick up things as others have told us who we are. If you don’t know who you are and allow others to tell you, you’re in a big corundum. I examine my thoughts, goals and views often to see do these things still serve me well. If I find something that isn’t I cut it. At times, it’s hard as some thoughts have been in my life for protection, but at times what we needed to survive aren’t the things we need to truly live.

If a microphone was given to you in a crowd of inspiring or struggling people who are looking for their curiosity, I would shout out?  Don’t let the world tell you who you are, show the world what you are! Dig deeper and then when you have gone deep, go even deeper.


Christian Simone a corporate trainer by day and plus fit/beauty blogger by nights and weekends. She shares her voice as representation in her life is highly scarce. The life of being a plus size black woman in corporate America and in the fitness world is often overlooked. However, through her work she helps to give a voice to the voiceless.

You can follow her blog on The Christian and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @TheChristianSimone.

You can also connect with her consulting boutique at                         Christian O

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